Since the introduction of drug tests, they have been a prevalent part of the job-seeking process. According to the law, companies have the right to drug test any job applicant, as well as to be able to hold random drug tests for existing employees.

Drug testing has just always been a part of work and for that reason, people avoid taking drugs, as to not lose the opportunity to work in the sector of their dreams. For numerous reasons, people now believe that the threat of drug testing is outdated.

More and more companies are abandoning the process of drug testing, but why exactly are they choosing to do this?

The Legalisation of Certain Drugs

Throughout America, the laws concerning drugs are now changing. There is no longer a war on drugs and instead of being seen as a negative thing, drugs are now being used as medical tools. Every year, a brand new state legalizes THC. However, when you take a drug test and THC appears on the results, you are at risk of being fired. This simply does not make sense, as to why should people lose their jobs over something that is legal in their state?

A lot of people argue that even though the drug is legal, people should not be under the influence when they are at work. However, having a drug in your system does not mean that you are under the influence of that drug.

For example, marijuana can stay in your system up to a week after taking it. By then you are definitely not under the influence of the drug anymore, so you are perfectly capable to do your job just fine.

If you are someone that currently works for a company that still carries out drug tests on their employees, you may have completely abandoned drug consumption completely. You will also be aware of just how strict these drug tests can be and even if you are not someone that is involved in recreational drug use, you could still lose your job for using something like CBD.

CBD has no psychoactive effects, but when you take a drug test, it is registered like any drug. CBD is commonly used to relieve stress or even treat pain and it is a natural alternative to other pain medications that can leave you feeling drowsy. If you can not escape the drug tests, you do not have to completely abandon CBD altogether. You instead just need to learn how long it stays in your system for and this article discusses how long cbd stays in your system, so you can educate yourself and be prepared for your next drug test.

Drug Use Does Not Impact the Work

One of the main reasons that so many companies are deciding to ditch drug testing is because it doesn鈥檛 affect the work that they are doing. If someone was to drink on the weekend before they are due to work, being drunk on Saturday would not impact their ability to work on Monday.

This is the same case with drugs, as what people choose to do in their personal time, has absolutely no impact on the work that they do during the week. This would not be the case if someone came into work under the influence of drugs, but this is something that you would be able to easily pick up. You can tell when someone is under the influence of drugs and discipline them if they are found to be breaking the company rules. However, what they do when they are not at the company is not something that the company should be able to police, as long as it does not influence their working ability.

There have been many instances of a company letting go of a hard worker, just because something appeared in their system. Not only does the person that was fired suffer, but the company also suffers as they lose someone that was good at the job, for a reason that isn鈥檛 even related to their work.

Life is Stressful Enough

The working life can be . In order to make enough money, most people work upwards of thirty hours every week. It can be very overwhelming and it can leave you feeling very stressed out.

For this reason, there is no wonder why so many people use CBD or THC to get through the week. These substances can be a lifeline for people that are dealing with overwhelming feelings of stress or anxiety and so it makes no sense at all to make it a rule that workers can lose their jobs, just for finding ways to work through their stress.

Employers want to support their employees and by not picking them up over something like that, they are also showing them a certain level of respect.