The Dangers Of Climate Change

Our society has faced a lot of problems over the last hundred years. We have been ravaged by wars. Seen massive political upsets and riots across the globe. And, most recently, the planet was plunged into the midst of a pandemic that changed the very fabric of our global culture forever.

But there is one threat that arguably presents more danger than most of these things. And that is climate change. In the past, there has been a lot of debate over the validity of climate change claims. But many scientific studies have now essentially confirmed it is real and it is speeding up.

Climate change, often called global warming, is the process by which our planet’s natural climate is artificially altered by pollution. Mostly created by fossil fuels and methane produced by the farming industry. The evidence of climate change in the western world can be seen in our summers and winters. Every summer is getting hotter, while the winters are dangerously colder.

In other nations, we are seeing mass flooding, fires due to arid temperatures, and other natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. But the good news is a lot of the nations of the world are coming together to try to stop climate change. But is it really possible for us to fight climate change in today’s uncertain economic climate?

The Economic Situation

A lot of western nations are facing a cost of living crisis, unlike anything we have seen before. Nations like the United Kingdom are getting hit especially bad. Prices of nearly everything are shooting up, with wages stagnating. And the has definitely not helped the situation.

But how does an economic crisis affect our ability to help the environment? Well it all has to do with the already established societal system we are trapped in. Right now 90% of car owners in the USA drive cars powered by fossil fuels. Which is adding to the total carbon emissions of the nation. This could be changed if everyone started driving electric cars, right? But electric cars are still a luxury. They cost too much for any average person to afford. So they continue on with their gas car and continue adding to the issue. But this isn鈥檛 their fault. If the powers in charge wanted to make a change they would force companies to make electric cars cheaper.

Dealing With The Economic Crisis

A lot of people want to be doing more to help the environment but can’t as they are too busy trying to deal with the economic crisis. Here are some tips to help you better manage your finances.

Consider potentially using payday loans to help tide you over until you get paid. In recent years we have seen a lot of companies offering a $1000 payday loan聽with little to no interest. Some companies opt for a one-time fee after payday instead of charging interest. But it is important to check the interest rate of any loan before you apply.

Another good idea is to speak to a debt specialist to see if they can鈥檛 consolidate all your existing debts and hopefully knock some money off. They will also help set up a reasonable repayment plans and create a better budget for your day-to-day life.

The third thing you should consider doing is looking at joining a union or advocating for increased wages. This can be something as simple as talking to your coworkers about how they feel about their current wages or changing how you vote in your next election.

Will We Stop The Climate Crisis

While it is difficult for us as a society to fight climate change in our current economic situation, it isn鈥檛 impossible. The main thing that needs to change is people’s attitudes towards it. Because the sad truth is that a lot of people are still skeptical about it. While others simply don鈥檛 believe it is true at all.

Misinformation is constantly being spread online about climate change. You can do your part by reporting these pages when you find them. The other issue is we need to start shopping locally and taking power away from the massive corporations.

Companies like Amazon are causing more damage to our planet than your local bookstore does. So next time you want to order something off Amazon, consider walking down town instead and seeing what’s on offer there. This has the added effect of helping stimulate the local economy which is vitally important if we ever hope to end this economic crisis.